Frequently Asked Questions

To retrain and re-certify drivers and driving school facilitators. To train and retrain traffic officers and managers through seminars, group discussions and practicals.

i) Payment of training fees to designated banks.
ii) Collect registration form from the Academy.
iii) The duly completed form is brought to the Academy for the Account department to fill in the account details. This makes you
eligible for pre-training processing: eye test, biometrics and sue of simulator and other preliminaries.

*Valid National Driver’s License or any other means of identification.
* Knowledge of rules of the road, signs and markings
* Any other certificate

The mandatory professional driver training program is 1 to 2 days while the structured courses take longer.

Yes. The training is for everybody. Private drivers could attend voluntarily to upgrade driving skills or be referred for rehabilitation course if contravened for traffic offence by law enforcement officers. Managers can also attend.

Company drivers and fleet drivers could be registered and trained as a group in the Academy with the same procedure.

Apart from driver training, the Academy also offers consultancy services on driver selection, interviews, practical driver assessment, and development of road safety policies for organizations, and managing human development and skill of managers, of drivers.
EDSTMA Academy is unique because it was set up to improve drivers’ and their managers’ competence and skill acquisition, using modern audio-visual equipment.
The Academy will regulate the Driving Schools in the area of a uniform curriculum. The Academy has concluded plans to run an approved, uniform driver training curriculum for driving schools in Edo State.
Knowledge is power. The training provides the platform to impact the requisite driving skills to drivers and their managers. More importantly, it is a training experience you will not forget in a hurry.