About EDSTMA Academy

The Edo State Drivers’ Institute was established by Edo State Traffic Control and Management Agency to correct mistakes of the past whereby drivers drive on the highway without adequate training. This has led to road traffic accidents, wastage of man-hours and its attendant pressure on health facilities. The Institute will also conduct vision test for drivers trained and make appropriate recommendations.

The centre is also geared towards enabling growth of the economy by ensuring all attendees are trained to achieve the set goals of their various organizations.


Road traffic crashes in Nigeria has adverse effects on the economy of the country. 80% of road traffic crashes is as a result of human errors which could be attributed to the driver of a vehicle. The drivers as we all know did not pass through any formal training in the technology of driving and as a result, lack adequate knowledge of road traffic rules. It is on this premise the EDSTMA Academy is established for a proper training for our drivers. They will be taught the Defensive Driving Techniques, while the driving schools in Edo State will be standardized and regulated to meet with modern technology. The EDSTMA Academy is a product of Edo State Traffic Control and Management Agency (E.D.S.T.M.A). It has started with its first centre and headquarters at Sapele Road, Benin City. The centre is equipped with driving simulators, vision centre, bio-metric centre and audio-visual aids.

The EDSTMA Academy will carry out the following functions among other things:

  • Issue certificate of competence to attendees who have successfully completed training in the Institute.
  • Compile and maintain database of all professional drivers in Edo State.
  • Train drivers in driving skills, road traffic rules and regulations.
  • Improve driving techniques of all categories of drivers.
  • Ensure that all drivers in the employment of both Government and private organizations attend the Institute for training and re-training at least once every year toward updating their skills.
  • Provide course of instruction, training, set standard for Driving Schools in Edo State.
  • Organize conferences, seminars and workshops for drivers from time to time in Edo State.
  • Provide training and instruction guide to all categories of persons that attend the Academy.


The Academy offers consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Driver recruitment and selection.
  • Driver analyses and assessment.
  • Driver instructor training.
  • Training of fleet operators and managers.
  • Formulation of Road Safety Policy for companies and corporate organizations.
  • Formulation of manpower development planning for organization.


All drivers in Edo State are expected to attend a training and re-certification programme on a yearly basis at the Institute.

Structured courses for drivers and their managers to suit the demands of organizations and establishments is also a responsibility of the Academy.