Description Strategic Goals Strategic Objectives
Independence and Legal framework To have operational, financial and administrative independence in accordance with Statutory provisions from time to time ·       Strengthening the independence of the Auditor-General office in the areas of legal status (Audit law), resources/logistics, staff matters, operational matters, access to information/records, reportage by Audit findings, planning, execution, content and timing of Audit reports.
Human Resources To develop and institutionalize an efficient, productive and incorruptible management and staff, ensuring compliance with ethical auditing standards, ensuring effectiveness of Human resources policies based on Ethics and integrity (ISSA130),value and Benefit of SAIS (ISSAI 12), leading by example (ISSA120) and corruption prevention ISSAI 5700 ·       Re-orienting the Audit staff and improving compliance with code of conduct and ethical guidelines

·       Improve remuneration of staff of the audit institution

·       Improve performance managements systems

·       Intensive training to cover audit skills and methodology

Organization & Management ·   To develop and implement sustainable organizational planning and control process

·   Integrating both strategic and operational levels of organisation with clearly defamed  roles and responsibilities to ensure both leadership and staff ownership

·       Improve office infrastructures supporting audit functions.

·       Initiate the implementation of a strategy for reforms supported by action plans/strategies

Audit Standards and Methodology ·   To develop, implement and maintain appropriate ISSAI compliant audit tools like manuals, guidelines and templates in accordance with audit mandate to deliver quality audit services ·       Implementation of modern risk based audit processes

·       Computerization and modernization of audit methods, technique and reporting at Headquarters and 7 field  office

Communication and Stakeholder Management ·   To develop, implement and maintain an effective communications policy and strategy covering internal and external communication with stakeholders like EDHA, CSOS, the media etc ·       Improve awareness of the value of the office in facilitating accountability and better use of public funds

·       Better and regular engagements with Stakeholders including PAC, Parastatals Boards, GBES and External Auditors and Internal Auditors

·       Ensuring a cycle of accountability with systematic follow-up of appropriate legislative recommendations

Accountability and Transparency     ·   To improve accountability and Transparency in line with fiscal sustainability agenda ·       Timely and regular rendition of Audited reports of EDSG for purpose of Transparency, accountability, good governance and value for money

·       Ensuring that EDSG Accounts are audited and Reports transmitted to EDHA as statutorily required

·       Regularly monitor and evaluate various Government projects to ensure value for money

·       Ensuring that extant financial rules and regulations are regularly reviewed and strictly adhered to by various public sectors entities in Edo State.

·       Ensuring the publication of annual statutorily report of Edo State Government, electronically  and manually in collaboration with Accounting officer of EDSG

·       Ensuring timely rendition of statutory report/comments on annual accounts and Auditor Reports submitted by External Auditors appointed to audit the accounts of Parastatal in accordance with the constitution and Edo PFM law

·       Ensuring timely certification of terminal benefits of Public officers.

Conducive working Environment ·   To operate and conductive Audit/Statutory duties in a conducive working environment which is separated from Secretariat housing Auditees (MDAs) for purpose of independence and objectivity. ·       Provision of ICT equipments and soundproof Generating set for seamless ICT Audit

·       Ensuring the provision of E-library to meet international best practices in supreme Audit institutions

·       Ensuring the provision of computer assisted Audit techniques (CAATs) tools

·       Ensuring the provision of appropriate furniture and equipment for staff to be at their best.




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