Parastatals, Project Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Periodic audit of the Accounts of Parastatals, Government Business Entities (GBEs), Boards and Tertiary Educational Institutions.
  • Period audit of donor Agencies
  • Prepayment audit of purchases having values of N10,000.00 and above in institutions falling under its jurisdiction
  • Monitoring/Evaluation of construction contracts in coalition with other departmental Heads for purpose of final payment certification
  • Providing list of Auditors qualified to be appointed as external Auditors to Boards, GBEs, and other institutions in accordance with Section 125(3)(i) of 1999 constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    Government Account Department

  • Prepayment Audit inspection and certification of all purchases with values of N10,000.00 and above
  • Audit inspection certificates.
  • Audit inspection of obsolete items to be boarded and subsequent recommendation.
  • Contract inspection of sensitive materials(Examination question papers, Voting materials etc).
  • Periodic Inspection exercises

Revenue Department

This department as the name implies is responsible for the periodic revenue audit of Ministries and extra-Ministerial Departments to ensure that all collectable revenues are collected and paid intact to Government treasury.

Special Investigation Audit/Continuous Audit Department

  • To carry out continuous audit in government MDA’S and Parastatals at all time.
  • To carry out audit in any MDA’S or government Agencies when there

Is a need for special investigation.

  • Carry out verification on assets to be boarded by the State and issue Report.
  • Join in the Annual audit of Appropriation account and Treasury Account of the State.
  • To carry audit on constituted government committers.

Planning, Research, Statistics and Out-Station Offices

  • Preparation of audit report of Sustainable Development Goals unit
  • Interface on the activities of Counterpart funding of SFEFOR
  • Oversee the activities of Outstations Offices
  • Organizations of In-house Seminars/Workshop for audit staff
  • Represent Office on matters affecting State Operation CoordinatingUnit (SOCU) and National Social Safety Mgt.

Department of Administration and Supplies 

  • Administrative issues in the office, including human capital/Resource management
  • Supplies of Consumables/stationeries for the unhindered operation of the office
  • Certification of pension and gratuity computations in respect of retired public officers before eventual payment by the Pension Board

   Finance & Accounts Department 

  • Responsible for financial matters
  • It keeps records of financial inflows(overflows) and outflows of theOffice.
  • It also prepares the Financial Statements of the Office.
  • Preparation of Office budget in collaboration with DPRS & DAS etc.

Final Account Department

  • Evaluation of Internal Control System in Government Ministries, Department and Agencies which fall under its jurisdiction
  • Audit of State Government Accounts submitted by the Accountant-General
  • Audit of appropriation accounts of Ministries and extra-ministerial departments
  • Issuing of Queries and treatment of same
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