Edo State Traffic Management Agency

ABOUT THE AGENCY - Roles and Responsibilities

EDSTMA was established as an agency saddled with statutory responsibility of traffic management within Benin City and Edo State.

  • Control management enforcement and regulation of traffic related matters with Edo State.
  • Public education and enlightenment of drivers and motorist on proper use of the highways.
  • Evacuation, rescue and towing of broken down and abandoned vehicles.
  • Traffic safety and accident management.
  • Conduct research on driver behaviors and traffic safety.
  • Install and maintain traffic control devices on the highways
  • Relate with other traffic management agencies.
  • Training of Drivers


To develop a culture of regulation, control, management of traffic, reduce time wastage and accident in Edo State roads


The mission statement for the agency is to reduce to the barest minimum deaths, injuries and economic losses through road traffic accidents, conflicts and delay on roads in Edo State by employing modern traffic system in the state.




  • Phone Number: +234XXXXXXXXX
  • Email: edstma@edostate.gov.ng
  • Ministry of Infrastructure, Sapele Road, Benin City